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All about COVID-19 vaccination worldwide

How to find out about the different COVID-19 vaccines available by country, the level of vaccination and how to access them practically?

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All about COVID-19 vaccination worldwide
Where can I find information on the various COVID-19 vaccines already available by country, the level of vaccination per country and how to get the vaccine in a particular country ?
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You have decided to have an experience abroad ? It is essential to have a medical check-up before leaving for a foreign country.
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Here are 4 points outlining how to be best prepared for going abroad for yourself and your family
Working abroad: what you need to know before signing on the dotted line !
These five elements appear as key points when hiring abroad. One should never lose sight of the fact that each country has its own functioning and its own legislation !

Last minutes

14/08/2022 18:17

One year after the Taliban took power by force in Afghanistan, the conclusion is clear: the humanitarian situation has dramatically worsened, and human-rights violations are constantly on the rise, as emphasized by the 20 July report by the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA).
Despite their commitments, the decisions taken by the Taliban over the past year demonstrate their lack of respect for the international community's expectations as set out in United Nations (…)

12/08/2022 18:42

The Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs has received important documentation of possible crimes committed by Syrian regime forces.
These documents, which include a large number of photos and videos, provide evidence of atrocities committed by pro-regime forces during the 2013 Tadamon massacre in Damascus. Several dozen civilians were reportedly killed in the violence.
These documents were collected thanks to the determined efforts of several human rights defenders. We applaud their (…)

12/08/2022 18:07

One year after the terrible earthquake that struck Haiti on August 14, 2021, France reaffirms our solidarity with the Haitian people, who have suffered from an alarming deterioration of the country's humanitarian, political and security environment.
France has continued to support Haiti after providing the country with funding, staff and logistical assistance immediately following the earthquake. In 2022, we provided €25 million for development initiatives and €7.25 million in humanitarian (…)

12/08/2022 15:51

France is very concerned about the serious threat the Russian Federation is posing to the safety and security of Ukraine's nuclear facilities. The Russian armed forces' presence and actions in the vicinity of the [Zaporizhzhia] plant are significantly increasing the risk of an accident with potentially devastating consequences.
As the G7 members stated on 10 August 2022, the Russian Federation must immediately withdraw its troops from the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant and restore to Ukraine (…)

11/08/2022 17:26

Q: - Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called for the EU to ban all Russian citizens from entering the EU. What does France think of this idea?
A: The Schengen countries' common visa policy falls under the jurisdiction of the EU. France coordinates closely with its European partners.

11/08/2022 17:22


We deplore the August 10th arrest of Russian journalist Marina Ovsyannikova, who courageously denounced the war of aggression against Ukraine on a Russian news show this past March.
This arrest follows those of a number of other opponents who have been prosecuted by Russian courts in recent months. France is deeply concerned by the Russian authorities' crackdown on critics of the government and its war of aggression against Ukraine.
We call on the Russian authorities to abide by (…)

10/08/2022 14:29


We, the G7 Foreign Ministers of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States of America, and the High Representative of the European Union, reiterate our strongest condemnation of the ongoing unprovoked and unjustifiable war of aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine. The Russian Federation must immediately withdraw its troops from within Ukraine's internationally recognized borders and respect Ukraine's territory and sovereignty.
In that (…)

09/08/2022 18:49


On August 9, 2020, six French aid workers and their Nigerien colleague – all of whom worked with ACTED, a French humanitarian NGO – were murdered in a cowardly attack in Niger, along with the Nigerien guide who had accompanied them to the Kouré area.
Our thoughts go out to their families and loved ones. France joins in the tribute being held today by their families and ACTED.
Judicial investigations are still under way to ensure that this crime does not go unpunished and that the (…)

09/08/2022 14:44


France welcomes the ceasefire that came into force in the evening of 7 August thanks to Egypt's mediation efforts, with the support of the United Nations and Qatar. It calls on all the parties to respect its full application in order to prevent another escalation and more civilian victims. France deplores the civilian casualties and expresses its sincere condolences to their families. It calls for access routes to Gaza to be kept open in the long term, in particular for humanitarian aid and (…)

08/08/2022 17:44


France welcomes today's signing of a historic peace agreement in Doha between Chad's transitional authorities and 43 Chadian political and military groups.
France hails the efforts of Qatar, which has worked relentlessly over the past five months to broker this agreement.
The Doha agreement is a major step toward the inclusive national dialogue that will soon begin in N'Djamena and will include all of the country's political and social forces.
France expresses its readiness to join with all (…)