The top 10 countries with the highest salaries

Working abroad - Published on 10/1/20
You would like to work abroad; which countries offer the highest salaries?
The top 10 destinations where expatriates earn the most (average annual gross salary, data from the annual HSBC Explorer survey of 27,000 expatriate employees):
  1. Switzerland: €176,709
  2. Hong Kong: €159,358
  3. India: €136,159
  4. Singapore: €130,050
  5. China: €125,772
  6. United States: €121,729
  7. United Arab Emirates: €105,810
  8. Japan: €97,733
  9. Qatar : €97 505
  10. Malaysia: €97 470
The top three countries are Switzerland, closely followed by Hong Kong and India.

Switzerland is the only European country ranked in the top 10 and also holds the top position in 2016 with an average gross annual salary of €176,709. By way of comparison, the world average is €91,305. The work-life balance is most valued by foreign workers in Switzerland.

Asia has a far greater showing with no fewer than six countries. India, ranked number 3, scores well particularly in terms of setting up companies. Entrepreneurs are made particularly welcome in India, making it one of the most attractive Asian countries. Singapore is the ideal destination for many expatriates in terms of family, salary and everyday life.

The Middle East zone is represented by two countries: Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, particularly Dubai and Abu Dhabi. These countries are selected by expatriate workers chiefly for the financial advantages offered by companies. In general, they offer a comfortable salary, health coverage (compulsory), housing assistance, travel expenses, etc.

It is clear that the living environment also contributes to attracting foreign workers to Middle Eastern countries.

Lastly, the United States is the only country in the American continent to appear in the ranking. Year after year the US remains one of the most popular destinations. A steady stream of expatriates of all nationalities continue to go there to settle. Among the traditional attraction factors of this country are the great American globally-renowned companies, the prestigious universities and the American way of life!
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