Healthcare insurance for temporary stays

Whatever your nationality, if you are going abroad for 1 to 12 months for a personal project, an internship, a journey, a WHV or for any other reason, anywhere in the world.


  • Comprehensive package including the essential benefits for a temporary stay abroad:
    • healthcare, hospitalization
    • medical assistance/repatriation
    • luggage insurance
    • personal third-party liability and internships abroad
    • tenant’s liability abroad
    • psychological support
    • life & disability
  • Individuals aged between 16 and 65 can purchase the plan, regardless of their status (no supporting documentation required)
  • No deductible to be paid if the plan is used
  • No need to adapt the plan if the destination changes (worldwide coverage)
  • Plan available for 24 months as part of a WHV in Canada

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Secure payment
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