The Working Holiday Programme WHP in Brazil

A new Working Holiday Program (WHP) agreement was signed between France and Brazil on December 12, 2013. It is expected to enter into force in 2014 (no official date has been communicated to date). We will of course inform you as soon as the visa procedure starts. The eligibility criteria will be the same as for the other Working Holiday Visas (WHV).
You will find below the information currently available for this program.

Length: 12 months (non-renewable)
Cost of visa: free of charge (to be confirmed)
Processing time: not communicated

Eligibility criteria

How to obtain a Working Holiday Visa for Brazil:

The steps to be followed and documents to be provided have not been communicated yet.
This section will be updated as soon as we receive further information about this new agreement.
We invite you to visit our website on a regular basis.

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