Travel insurance

What is travel insurance?

It is often mistaken with international healthcare insurance; yet travel insurance is only effective during stays, travels and trips abroad for a short and determined period of time, i.e. three consecutive months maximum.

What does travel insurance cover?

It aims to cover unexpected circumstances, before your departure and once you are abroad.
It is usually triggered in the case of a cancellation of your trip before departure, in the event of emergency medical care abroad (hospitalizations, etc.), repatriation, luggage theft or if third-party liability is incurred.

What is international healthcare insurance?

International healthcare insurance, also known as expatriate insurance, covers long-term trips abroad, i.e. as from three consecutive months minimum.

What does expatriate insurance cover?

As opposed to travel insurance which only provides limited coverage, expatriate insurance provides a level of reimbursement of your healthcare expenses abroad which is equal to what you are accustomed to in your home country. It covers medical visits, hospitalizations, drugs, etc. and can also provide coverage for medical assistance/repatriation, death & disability and/or third-party liability, which are essential benefits when you are abroad.

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