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Our global network
An extensive international medical network

MSH INTERNATIONAL provides all of its ASFE members with access to a global network of more than 1,000,000 healthcare providers offering negotiated rates, with more than 6,700 hospitals and health practitioners outside the USA.


The MSH INTERNATIONAL network of healthcare providers consists of three distinct categories:

Direct billing is at the heart of MSH INTERNATIONAL’s strategy. To this end, MSH INTERNATIONAL has set up a dedicated “medical network” team within each of its regional offices equipped with innovative tools. For example, letters of guarantee from healthcare providers are directly integrated into our claims management system. In this way, when a direct billing claim is processed, this information can be accessed from the time the reimbursement notice is logged until the bill is paid. In this way, our claims administrators can check that the medical services are correctly billed at the rates negotiated with the healthcare providers.

The role of quality management in the creation of our healthcare network

As part of its quality management, MSH INTERNATIONAL carries out a formal assessment and accreditation procedure on all of its providers. We check the level of practice and the qualifications held by the healthcare providers applying for accreditation. This procedure is repeated at regular intervals once the provider has been approved. All the healthcare practitioners in our network must also be covered by appropriate medical liability insurance. One in ten healthcare providers fails to meet our quality standards and is refused accreditation.

At the specific request of a client, MSH INTERNATIONAL is also available to partner with local providers to develop dedicated local networks (for a particular country, region or city). For example, we have recently set up a dedicated outpatient and pharmaceutical network in Macae, Brazil for one of our major clients in the Oil & Gas industry.

A highly developed network in key regions

MSH INTERNATIONAL has developed strong direct billing networks for inpatient and outpatient services in some areas. In some cases, we have created networks and introduced specific direct billing cards regardless of the type of medical service being delivered or the amount charged.

UAE and Gulf States

Our regional office in Dubai has developed an extensive network of over 2,319 healthcare providers in the following countries: UAE, Bahrain, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, Philippines, Yemen, Egypt, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Qatar, Tunisia, and Palestine.

Unlike most other players in the field of international health insurance, the MSH INTERNATIONAL network in the region is wholly owned and is not subcontracted to third parties. This ensures our clients receive consistent and flawless service quality in most areas of the region.

Networks in this region often offer their members a direct billing card covering both inpatient and outpatient services. This card guarantees access to quality care with no cash advance required. A network of pharmaceutical care has also been developed in Dubai (United Arab Emirates). All outpatient services are provided with no requirement for prior approval or letters of guarantee. In cases where the insured member is required to make a contribution to costs, payment is taken directly from them by the medical provider.

Our "medical network" team at MSH INTERNATIONAL (Dubai) makes regular visits to healthcare providers in the region to ensure that quality standards and service levels continue to be met and to deliver essential training on our products and procedures.


MSH China has developed strong networks in China, Singapore, South Korea and Thailand. With over 10 years of experience in China, in 2001 they were able to set up the first local direct billing network in China dedicated to international healthcare and health & life insurance. MSH China’s direct billing network is the largest in the region and includes both the best Chinese hospitals (with VIP service) and international clinics.

The MSH China network provides its members with access to quality healthcare with no cash advance required for both inpatient and outpatient care. No requests for prior approval or letters of guarantee are required for outpatient care. If the insured member is required to make a contribution to costs, payment is taken directly from them by the medical provider.

The MSH China network currently includes over 450 healthcare providers offering negotiated rates in over 20 cities. The main cities are Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou (Canton), Chengdu, Chongqing, Dalian, Shenyang, Wuhan, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Hong Kong and Macao. The network also extends to Thailand and Singapore.

The criteria for MSH China in the development of the network are:

The physical presence of MSH China in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou (Canton), Chengdu, Wuhan and Dalian enables better control of the local network. The MSH China network team makes regular visits to its providers in each of the key cities while providers in other cities are visited once or twice a year.

Europe and CIS

MSH INTERNATIONAL provides its insured members with access to over 20,000 healthcare providers in Europe and the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States composed of these countries: Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Turkmenistan and Mongolia).

We have signed direct billing agreements with over 500 healthcare providers throughout Europe and work with PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) networks in the UK and CIS countries. PPOs are healthcare providers who are members of networks operating under preferential tariff arrangements with insurance companies.

Rest of the World

In the following countries and regions, the MSH INTERNATIONAL network service is provided by third-party PPO networks: USA, Canada, Latin America (including Brazil and Venezuela), Africa (including South Africa and Egypt), India, the Philippines, Indonesia and Australia.

In the rest of the world, a request for prior approval is required for any planned treatment. A letter of guarantee is provided and payment is made directly to the medical practitioner on receipt of the original invoice. Direct billing is reserved for hospital treatment or outpatient care above a certain threshold.

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