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MSH INTERNATIONAL (Paris Regional Head offices (RHO))

Formed in 1974, MSH INTERNATIONAL initially set out to provide support to the globally-mobile employees of large French businesses through the delivery of dedicated group insurance solutions (Previnter). From 1998 onwards, with the purchase of OCI-ASFE, we also began to offer insurance solutions to Individuals living outside their country of origin.

In 2002, MSH INTERNATIONAL further developed its business through the acquisition of European Benefits Administrators, specialists in the third-party administration of benefit plans for internationally mobile individuals. This service was designed for international businesses and organizations with self-insured plans, insurance professionals wishing to outsource the management of their plans and local populations in countries where the healthcare system is inadequate.

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MSH INTERNATIONAL was established in Canada in June 2004 with the opening of a new claims department known at that time as MSH Canada Inc.

In 2006, MSH INTERNATIONAL acquired Norfolk International Group, a Calgary based company founded in 1986, with offices in Toronto and Houston.

Norfolk International Group and MSH Canada Inc. merged to form a new North-American company which was initially known as Norfolk Mobility Benefits Inc. and which is now MSH INTERNATIONAL (Canada).

The existence of MSH INTERNATIONAL (Canada) provided to us the opportunity to broaden our range of services in America.

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To strengthen its international presence, MSH INTERNATIONAL opened Regional Head offices (RHO) in Dubai in September 2006, now known as MSH INTERNATIONAL (Dubai). This office provides coverage and healthcare management solutions to employees residing in the Middle East, Africa zone and Sub-continent of India.

Based in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, MSH INTERNATIONAL (Dubai) offers its clients:

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In 2009, MSH INTERNATIONAL acquired SHANGHAI TAI KAI (STK), a Chinese market leader in local and international health insurance, now known as MSH CHINA. Since 2001, MSH CHINA has built its reputation on three key factors:

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