Our solutions - Published on 10/1/20
Relais’Expat+ is an individual and family international health insurance plan for the under 71s, available in addition to CFE benefits, for a minimum of 6 months, anywhere in the world.

Key advantages:

  • Annual coverage of medical expenses up to €2,400,000
  • 4 levels of insurance available
  • A flexible plan including “essential” coverage (hospitalization and routine healthcare) as well as medical evacuation, legal assistance and third party liability.
  • Other available options for greater protection: Vision/Dental, Maternity and Repatriation Assistance.
  • Possibility of worldwide coverage


  • Hospitalization & medical evacuation
  • Medical expenses
  • Personal third-party liability 
  • Vision/Dental (optional)
  • Maternity (optional)
  • Assistance & repatriation (optional)
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